Toxic Waltz – Decades of Pain Review

1989. The thrash giant Exodus released the album “Fabulous Disaster”, which includes the song The Toxic Waltz.

1999. “Fabulous Disaster” is remastered and reissued (with the two previous albums).

2009. The thrash band Toxic Waltz from Munich is formed.

Times have changed. Good thrash has not.

These are the first words that popped up into my mind when I first listened to Toxic Waltz’s first album, “Decades of Pain”: good old thrash. They are definitely influenced by the Bay Area sound: Exodus, Forbidden, early Metallica, Dark Angel. The cradle of thrash during its golden age. Ready for a rush of nostalgia?

© Toxic Waltz

If you are a thrash fan, nostalgia is the feeling “Decades of Pain” will inspire you. Released in 2014, the album contains 9 songs, among them an intro. The intro is quiet, harmonic. It is the calm before the storm. The last notes of the intro and the first notes of Decades of Pain blend imperceptibly into each other. Then, Thrash explodes in your face, and keeps going for the 7 following songs. The 8 full songs are charged with aggression, destructive energy, and the urge of headbanging.


© Toxic Waltz

© Toxic Waltz

The Bavarian band offers a high quality music for a first album. The vocals, the guitars, the drums, the bass, everything is dynamic. There is no break, it’s a constant succession of catchy riffs and powerful drums accompanied by a voice perfect for the job. Like expected, there is one (or two) guitar solo in every pieces. I must say I am a big fan of the one in World of Hate.There is something about the rise of speed and power that really attracts me. Green is also a song I really enjoy, as well as Morbid Symphony. The whole album, actually, played on repeat for a couple of days. The guys are full of talent, and because they root their music in such a strong and loved tradition, they reach a large spectrum of metal fans. See by yourself with their videoclip of Decades of Pain, and visit their Facebook page.

Nostalgic of old-school thrash? Don’t worry, the succession is guaranteed.

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