The BierBus

Munich overflows with guided tours, tour buses, and other sightseeing activities. It is an amazing city with a lot to learn and discover. However, once you have done one or two tours, you have pretty much done them all. To stand out in this saturated market, you need something different.

The concept is simple, but pretty nice: you get a 50 minutes tour of Munich in a bus where you can buy beer. There are three tours a day during the week-ends, at 15h, 16h and 17h.  For 13,50€, you get the touristic tour and the first beer. When the first bottle is empty, you can get another one for 3€, which is a reasonable price. According to the website, people on board do not only get touristic facts, but also information on beer and the nightlife. As a local, it is a nice way to rediscover your own city. As a foreigner or tourist, it is a good first contact with the Bavarian city and it can eventually bring you off the beaten tracks. This is for the regular tour, that I have not done yet.  But the BierBus is more than just a sightseeing activity.

Special nights are also organized on board. I attended the party “Hell on Wheel”, which was a Rock/Metal night. Verdict? I really enjoyed it! Classics play during the whole tour: Iron Maiden, Metallica, Motörhead, AC/DC, and so on. Music that everyone would enjoy. Talking about music, the Chaos Blast Compilation was advertised and available in the bus. I really appreciated it. I also heard they played local music in the previous tour, which is awesome. The atmosphere was friendly and festive, and I have learned to headbang in a bus running, which is not that easy. The tour costs 5€, and your entry is valid all night. It means you can get off at some point, and get on again a couple of hours later. Clever idea!

There are other thematic nights, I have seen a ’90s party, and a post-Oktoberfest one. Find what you like on the BierBus Facebook page! It’s also possible to rent the bus, so if you need a shuttle for a gig or a festival, check it out!

This is a great local initiative, and it definitely worth a try!

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