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Do you remember your New Year’s resolutions? Did you even take one back in January? I took one. Since I was intensively starting the investigation of Munich’s Metal scene, my resolution was to be more open-minded as far as music is concerned. I wanted to leave my comfort zone. It is so easy to listen to the same bands, or the same genre, over and over again. I consider my resolution accomplished. I discovered bands that I really like, and some do not even carry the Metal label. An example? Straightline.

I first heard of Straightline with the episode that Munich Unsigned produced about them. I kind of forgot about the band until a friend told me that it was one of his favorite local bands. I trust his musical tastes, so I dug into their music. Mostly into their two last releases, their EP “Alteration of the rules” (2014) and their album “Final Redemption” (2013).

© Straightline

© Straightline

What do they play? Their music is a hybrid between Skatepunk and a thrashy Metal. The vocals definitely fall into the Punk category. The singer has a high-toned voice, raspy sometimes. On the other hand, the guitar gives a harder sound to the music, especially the solos. More distorted than a typical punk sound. The introduction of  Curtain Fall, on “Final Redemption” is a good example, I think. The mix of both genres is interesting. I usually do not gravitate around Punk. However, Straightline adds something heavier, which makes its way into my metal soul.

The two albums I mostly listened to are packed with energy. There is no romantic or emotional song. The song Home is slower, which makes it a bit less intense than the others. In general though, Straightline delivers dynamic rhythms with every pieces. These albums are effective, full of vitality. Among their songs, my two favorites are Wash it away and Artifical Age. I cannot explain why, I just enjoy their sound.

I do not think everybody in the metal community will enjoy this music because of its punk side. Personally, I like that they are different, energetic, and seem tireless. I have never seen them live, but based on what I have heard from their albums, it is going to be a Hell of a show!

Leave your comfort zone too, and check them out!

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