Munich Overdrive TV – Angsters Inc. Live Performance

It’s Tuesday night. The weather is cold, maybe it’s even raining. You are home, having dinner after a long day at work. You are tired, and you are reconsidering going to the concert. You like the band, but you do not feel like going outside once again. You are way too comfortable at home. You wish the band could just arrive at your place, and play in your living room.

Well, Munich Overdrive TV is almost there.

Munich Overdrive and Munich Unsigned have joined forces to offer something new for the rock and metal scene of Munich. A band is playing in a studio, and you can stream the live performance for free. A couple of clicks, and you get a band playing for you. What is the difference between this and any other gigs you can watch on Youtube? Its interactive aspect. Thanks to the interactive chatroom, people could talk to each other as well as communicate with the host and the band. The audience has the possibility to express opinions, ask questions and request an encore.

© Angsters Inc.

© Angsters Inc.

On November 18th was the first show, and Angsters Inc. took control of the screens. The show should have started with the Munich Unsigned episod on the groovy Rock ‘n’ Roll band. However, the crew met some technical difficulties, and has to cancel this part. The pleasures of shooting live shows. (In case you have not watched the episod yet, you should do it right here) The chatroom proved to be very useful at this point, the audience could tell the crew in the studio if things were working or not. After this unexpected incident, the host went on with an interview. And then, Angsters Inc. took their guitars, drumsticks and microphone and play their some new material. The gig was great, the songs pretty good, and the guys interracted in a nice and funny way with their virtual audience. People liked it so much than they came back for a fifth songs, totally unexpected.

I really like this concept, and I think it has a lot of potential. It is easily accessible to anyone with a computer, you can watch a gig and interact in real time with the band. The only thing you have to do is to grab a cold beer and enjoy the show. It cannot be compare to a gig that you physically attend: this energy and feeling cannot be reproduced. However, it is closer to an actual concert than a DVD or a Youtube video. It is also very useful if one does not know the band and want to get an idea of what and how they play.

Can we expect other shows? The crew is considering the possibility without confirming anything. There are a lot of things they need to think about before going further with this project. Keep an eye on the Facebook pages of Munich Unsigned and Angsters Inc., as well as on the Munich Overdrive TV website.

If you want to know how Angsters Inc. is on a real stage, in front of a real audience, be sure to attend their gig in 8Below on December 11th.

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