Grand Massive 2 Review

In July 2014, the Chaos Blast Compilation 014 revealed a new title from the band Grand Massive. Then, in January 2015, the band released a video of another new song, Sound of War. Finally, the new EP was presented to the public in its entirety in February 2015.

Grand Massive 2

If the band’s first EP was quite homogeneous as far as the style is concerned, the 6 tracks of Grand Massive 2 offer a wider variety of sounds, tempo and influences. It is also the moment where the fans can listen to the full potential of the singer. His voice with harsh edges is a good match with the sound of the band, and it adds a raw aspect that was absent from the form EP.

The album starts with a groovy, still smooth track, Sound of War. It is in the same vein as the second piece, Backseat Devil, which is a bit faster. In both songs faster passages alternate with slow tempos.

One of the most outstanding songs of the EP is the following one, I am Atlas, which has a deep and heavy sonority on a slow tempo, suggesting some Doom background. This thicker sound gives then its place to another unexpected piece, In the Woods. The quiet synergy between the guitar and the singer’s voice creates a warm and peaceful atmosphere, which is perfectly represented in the video. This is the kind of song you play around a fire during a summer night, while you are burning your marshmallows, wrapped in a warm blanket.

This was the calm before the storm. Somewhere, in the woods, Embracing The Eyesore explodes. This CHUM cover song is well played. The band just adds their own touch, their personality to the sound without denaturing the original version. The album ends on the heaviest track of the album, My Own Sickness. A lot of distortion, a cool guitar solo. The band gives you the last drop of adrenaline.

You know what would have made a nice companion to the creepy bird on the cover? A booklet with the lyrics. Bands put effort into writing texts, I think it’s important to aknowledge them.

Great piece from Grand Massive. Give it a spin!

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