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Here it is. The end of the year. Like every one, every year, I must say that the time flew by way too fast. 2014 was amazing for me, full of new friendships, experiences, and music. So much good music. So many concerts. I would like to share my personal favorites of 2014. Let’s swim a bit in nostalgia before welcoming 2015 with the horns up.

Memorable Concerts:

  • Signed: In February, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Krisiun and Kataklysm destroyed Backstage. It was a killer line-up, and the three bands delivered what was expected from them. It was the perfect brutal night.
  • Unsigned: Two local gigs stand up for me in 2014. The first one was in April, in Sunny Red. Grand Massive, Smoke The Sky and WOE (from Sweden) offered an amazing gig, full of energy. It was friendly, chill, and great. The second gig I really enjoy was in May: Death Over Munich, featuring Combustion, Pequod, Path of Destiny (from Saalfeld) and Hailstone. In addition to the ferocious line-up, it was my first gig after two weeks of deprivation. It was just twice as good. That night was epic.

Impressive Albums:

  • Signed: The Satanist, from Behemoth. This album is Satan’s personal achievement. You do not want to skip any second of it. The whole album is a Masterpiece.
  • Unsigned: Godsground has blown my mind this summer, when I listened to their first album Mosquitoes. I have kept listening to it, and this album is now a permanent part of my playlist.

Awesome Clip:

  • I do not watch a lot of clips, but the one for the song Hell Within from Pequod deserves its own category. The shoot in total darkness was so great, so is the final product. The ghost-like aspect of the video will give you nightmares.

Complexe Concept:

  • I like when bands develop concepts, when they take the time to create something unique. Gilgamesh impresses me a whole lot on this point. Their knowledge of Akkadian history, the historical accuracy of their lyrics, the complexity of their visual arts, their stage costumes, everything fits together and shows a polished and well-done work.

 Terrific Experiences:

  • The development of my blog and all the support I got from it has made me ecstatic. It is definitely one of my biggest highlight of 2014. Taking a place in the local scene has also given me the opportunity to mix with the amazing team of Munich Unsigned. Helping them during some video shoots was always so nice and fun. I am looking forward more time with them!
  • In October, I joined the Cassette Culture‘s crew, a blog about sharing passions, based in the Netherlands. Writing with experienced editors on different topics helps me to improve my style and writing skills. It also provides me another and bigger platform to promote local bands from Munich. The local scene was actually the topic of my End of Year post. Expect more to come!

What a year it was! I’m ready for more in 2015.

I wish you a very Metal New Year, Metalheads!


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