Cyrence – The Hospital Review

Four years after the release of their first EP entitled Endtime Stories, the four Thrashers of Cyrence are back with new material. The Hospital, released in March 2015, follows up on the sound established by the band on Endtime Stories. Bay Area thrash influences dominate and agressivity is to find at every corner.



The Hospital consists of seven songs. The listener first meets an intro, a short piece that distances itself from the other songs with its calm and simplicity. After about a minute, thrash arises. The six full-lenght songs offer mostly fast tempos, many guitar solos, everything serves on an aggressive vibe. This Life, for example, combines a fast tempo, high-register guitar solos and an energic drum. All the characteristics of a “Good Old Thrash” song.

But the band sometimes slows the things down in order to create more complex pieces, such as The Hospital. A variety in tempos is also to be found in the next piece, I won’t fall. The intensity of it is build following a pyramidal scheme. It starts slowly, the energy then grows and go back to something slower towards the end.

The two last pieces, You Kill Me and Purity Control, are the heaviests of the album. The guys have injected all the energy left in their guitar cases into these two tracks. It’s fast, it’s dynamic, it’s in your face. They are a great finale for a thrash album, leaving the listener with a vibrant impression.

The singer’s raspy voice fitts pretty well with the overall aggressive vibe. The vocals are mostly clean, but you will hear some growling during This Life and what comes close to screaming during Dystopia. Neither passages last long, but these variations in the vocals add something, at least some surprise, in the listener’s ears.

Cyrence has released a nice album, well put together, with a great sound. The guys do not reinvent the genre, but they offer a fine echo of a golden age, adding their own twist and personnalities. They follow the path traced by Giants.

Thrashers, give it a spin!

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