Chaos Blast Zone – Mind Disease + Suicide Salvation + Saeculum Obscurum

On Friday night, Metalheads were to be seen on Munich streets. The dark shadows were going to well-known quarters, Sunny Red. They wanted to see the walls shaking, to feel their eardrums vibrating. They were going into the Zone. The Chaos Blast Zone.

Once again, Chaos Squad gave us the opportunity to celebrate the week-end in a brutal way. The crew organized a concert with three bands from the extreme metal department, two from Munich, one from Augsburg.

The band that first warmed up the audience was Mind Disease. The guys from Augsburg delivered a good groovy Death Metal, old-school oriented. Their music contains a good balance of powerful riffs and slower, sluddish tempos. On top of that, nice melodies give some finesse to their music. The world of Death Metal is not an easy one though, and it is hard to stand out among the numerous other bands. Mind Disease is composed by great musicians, and they have potential. I just wish they could find their own twist, this special little  something that makes you recognize them. They released an EP, Tortured with a Smile, in 2013. It is a great start, and by the time they record their second one, I hope they will tattoo “Mind Disease” in capital letters on their sound. I will definitely keep an eye on them!

 From the last notes of Death metal emerged the first notes of Grind. Suicide Salvation conquered the room with their destructive mix of Death and Grind, served with agressivity and speed. It was my first time seeing them live, and hopefully not the last. The fast drums, the impulsive riffs and the sick vocals give the intensity to their sound. They gave a great performance, and they were clearly enjoying themselves. It is always nice to see bands having fun while playing. Best performance of the night. Brutal Love.

 The original line-up included Gilgamesh, but the Mesopotamian warriors had to cancel. Instead, the dark Saeculum Obscurum put on their capes. I have seen this band at multiple occasions, and written about their music almost every time. My opinion has not changed: I like them. They never fail to adapt their costums according to the place they play. Their theatrical presentation matches the atmosphere they establish. Misty and enigmatic. Their long instrumental passages clashed a bit with Suicide Salvation’s concentrated energy though. Having these two bands playing back to back necessitated a switch from the public: we had to slow down our headbanging rhythm. They wrapped us in a mystical obscurity after a rush of intensity.

The next Meating is in less than a month. Brace Yourself.

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