Munich Overdrive TV – Angsters Inc. Live Performance

It’s Tuesday night. The weather is cold, maybe it’s even raining. You are home, having dinner after a long day at work. You are tired, and you are reconsidering going to the concert. You like the band, but you do not feel like going outside once again. You are way too comfortable at home. You wish the band could just arrive at your place, and play in your living room.

Well, Munich Overdrive TV is almost there.

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Spitfire – Rock ‘N’ Roll

You go in without any expectations. You don’t know the band, you were there for the first one that performed. But hey, you are there, so why not listen to these guys? The room is almost empty, you are in a Youth Center somewhere outside Munich. Three guys are preparing the stage, plugging their guitars and checking the cymbals. You cross your arm on your chest, thinking “Show me what you can do”. And then, the magic happens.

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