Metalhead in Munich : The Make Over

Servus Metalheads!

8 months ago, in October 2013, I started my first blog in order to tell my metal friends oversee what I was doing in Munich, and which bands I was discovering here. I wanted them to know how alive and dynamic the local scene is. It was a way to encourage them to support their own scene, at home. And also to keep a track of bands I was discovering. I’ve never thought people would actually visit my blog. I’ve never thought people from Munich, but also from all over the world, would take the time to read my opinion, to be interested in what I have to say.

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First Post of a big Journey

Hey Guys!
What’s up?
So here it is, the first post of my Baby Blog. I moved to Munich in 2012, and I’ve struggled a bit the first months finding the Metal Scene. The Scene here is small. Strong, but small. So I’ve decided to start this journey, to jump in this hidden but powerful world that is the Local Metal Scene of Munich, and to let you know about it.

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