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Chaos Blast Zone – Mind Disease + Suicide Salvation + Saeculum Obscurum

On Friday night, Metalheads were to be seen on Munich streets. The dark shadows were going to well-known quarters, Sunny Red. They wanted to see the walls shaking, to feel their eardrums vibrating. They were going into the Zone. The Chaos Blast Zone.

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Discovery, Talent, Passion. Best of 2014.

Here it is. The end of the year. Like every one, every year, I must say that the time flew by way too fast. 2014 was amazing for me, full of new friendships, experiences, and music. So much good music. So many concerts. I would like to share my personal favorites of 2014. Let’s swim a bit in nostalgia before welcoming 2015 with the horns up.

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Amplified Memory – Melodic Death Metal

The stars. These lights high up in the sky have been a master of fascination since millennia. Their universality around the globe since humanity’s cradle has given them a place of choice in our imagination. They have inspired scientists, philosophers, poets and artists, and have raised questions about beginning and end of times. Their power has transcended limits, and has found a place in the song writing process of a melodic death metal band from Munich, Amplified Memory.

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Munich Overdrive TV – Angsters Inc. Live Performance

It’s Tuesday night. The weather is cold, maybe it’s even raining. You are home, having dinner after a long day at work. You are tired, and you are reconsidering going to the concert. You like the band, but you do not feel like going outside once again. You are way too comfortable at home. You wish the band could just arrive at your place, and play in your living room.

Well, Munich Overdrive TV is almost there.

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Straightline – SkatePunk

Do you remember your New Year’s resolutions? Did you even take one back in January? I took one. Since I was intensively starting the investigation of Munich’s Metal scene, my resolution was to be more open-minded as far as music is concerned. I wanted to leave my comfort zone. It is so easy to listen to the same bands, or the same genre, over and over again. I consider my resolution accomplished. I discovered bands that I really like, and some do not even carry the Metal label. An example? Straightline.

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